Welcome to the Regional Office

The Regional Office of Education is an intermediate service agency between the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts. The office of the Regional Superintendent coordinates and delivers state and local services and performs regulatory functions as directed by the Illinois School Code. The Regional Superintendent acts as an advocate for education by providing positive leadership and disseminating information for educators, school districts and the public. The Regional Office also oversees districts to ensure specific minimums are met and legal parameters followed in areas such as finance, life safety, certification, supervision and curriculum.

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The Brown/Cass/Morgan/Scott ROE is responsible for assisting individuals to obtain teaching certification in the State of Illinois. We can help you negotiate the complex processes to ensure that you gain the certification you need. We have become more involved in the issuance of entitlement and substitute

certificates and teacher aide approvals. We are connected to the certification computer in Springfield and when an applicant comes into our office to apply for the above types of certificates, we are able to provide the applicant with a “Temporary Employment Authorization” signed by the Regional Superintendent of Schools. This employment authorization will permit employment for six weeks while applicants await the receipt of their official certificate.

Informational materials regarding requirements for standard teaching certificates, substitute teaching certificates, and teacher aide approval can be provided by our office. We also can provide information from the Illinois Certification Testing System.