The New BioLite H BLUE Technology With The BioLite H BLUE PLUS Is The Next Generation Of Compact …

It gives off more light per watt than other compact fluorescent bulbs and offers longer lasting bulbs that are priced within an average family budget. The BioLite H BLUE PLUS lamp is made up of two types of phosphor, one blue and one red. The 9007/ HB5 is a two-phosphor bulb with a PX 29 base, which allows for both high and low beam intensity, you can select from the different wavelengths and the color temperature that you wanted. The BioLite BLUE PLUS has a long life expectancy, lasts approximately five hundred hours versus the average of six hundred hours for other low and medium duty lamps.

The BioLite BLUE lamp is very effective at producing both high and low intensity light, this is a great benefit compared to most halogen lights, which can only create a high or low intensity beam.Another feature of the BioLite H BLUE PLUS lamp is it is able to produce white light, which makes checkout Geekshealth it perfect for illuminating large areas without creating shadows. The white light produced does not cast shadows under objects, so it is perfect to use around toys, furniture and any area that require direct lighting. In addition the white light setting on the BioLite BLUE PLUS lamp is adjustable, so you can always turn up the white light if need be.

The other major feature of the BioLite BLUE technology is the fact that it utilizes much less energy than standard halogen bulbs, making it a greener alternative for the environmentally conscious consumer. Another cool feature of the BioLite H BLUE Plus high bay light is the fact that it produces ninety lumens of white light, the rest of the colors are achieved through incandescent diodes. This is one of the best high bay lighting options on the market today. The incandescent bulbs used in standard bulbs will not provide the brightness, color and quality of light produced by the BioLite BLUE lamp.

One of the great features of the BioLite BLUE Plus high bay light is it comes in both white and blue colors, this gives you the option to switch between the two colors as needed, without having to purchase two separate lamps. You can also use both colors at the same time, as well as the ability to dim the white light to a desired level. This adds another feature to the BLUE Plus line of lighting, as well as making it extremely adaptable to your current lighting situation.

One of the biggest reasons that so many people opt for high bay lighting with their lights is because of the many different features available. Unlike a regular high bay light, the BioLite H BLUE lamp is able to use both blue and white bulbs, allowing you to adjust the intensity and color of the light to meet your needs and create the perfect atmosphere. In addition to being able to use both blue and white bulbs, this fixture is also available with a UVB bulb.

The BioLite H BLUE high bay lighting fixture has received great reviews from satisfied customers. The light has received a rating of “A” for durability, “B” for efficiency, “C” for its design and “D” for its versatility. For these reasons, many people prefer to use the BioLite H BLUE light when lighting a patio area, garden, driveway or any area of their home where safety is an issue. Not only is it extremely durable, the light is also extremely efficient and offers multiple options when it comes to design. With a high-intensity blue light, the light will ensure that your guests have a comfortable


even in the brightest of the evening