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Teacher Certification

The Brown/Cass/Morgan/Scott ROE is responsible for assisting individuals to obtain teaching certification in the State of Illinois. We can help you negotiate the complex processes to ensure that you gain the certification you need. We have become more involved in the issuance of entitlement and substitute certificates and teacher aide approvals. We are connected to the certification computer in Springfield and when an applicant comes into our office to apply for the above types of certificates, we are able to provide the applicant with a “Temporary Employment Authorization” signed by the Regional Superintendent of Schools. This employment authorization will permit employment for six weeks while applicants await the receipt of their official certificate.

Informational materials regarding requirements for standard teaching certificates, substitute teaching certificates, and teacher aide approval can be provided by our office. We also can provide information from the Illinois Certification Testing System.



What is the G.E.D.?

The GED is an examination of General Educational Development. It includes five parts: writing skills, social studies, science, reading skills, and mathematics. It takes about seven hours to complete.

The GED test is given every month on an alternating basis between the Jacksonville and Beardstown offices.

To reserve a seat for testing, an individual must register and pay $30 (cash payment, money order, or certified check) at the main office in Jacksonville or at the satellite office in Beardstown.



The Professional Development Division of the Regional Office of Education is responsible for meeting the state mandate to provide assistance to teachers and administrators in the following areas:

Educational Resources and Contacts

Administrator’s Academy

Gifted Education


Fundamental Learning Areas (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health, and Fine Arts)

Each area is continually being assessed to meet the needs of the educators in the region. The ROE annually conducts a needs assessment and holds focus groups to determine the most appropriate manner to provide professional development to the region. The Professional Development Division houses a Resource Library of educational materials that can be used at no cost to area educators. Twice a year, in the Fall and Spring a professional development brochure is distributed to all area schools listing available workshops, focus groups, and seminars. Also, the professional development staff is available for on-site consultation and presentations.

The professional development division provides area educators with special events for student involvement. There is an annual Writing Talent Search and Academic Talent Search that culminates in an Academic Excellence Banquet, and a non-competitive Learning Olympiad held each spring.

Other areas that the professional development staff assist schools in include:

Quality Assurance-Internal Review, School Improvement Planning Assistance

Education to Careers

Early Childhood

ISAT test preparation

Professional Development planning



The Regional Media Center is one of the largest ROE Centers in the state. We currently house over 2,600 educational videos. Videos and films are available on all subjects for grades K- 12. Regional Media Center Catalogs are available at all member schools. To keep the teachers updated with our service and availability of videos, we send fliers on a regular basis during the year.

The district and schools belonging to the Coop are: A-C Central CUSD #64, Beardstown CUSD #15, Bluffs CUSD #2, Franklin CUSD #1, Jacksonville CUSD #117, Jacksonville Correctional Center CUSD# 428, Illinois School For the Visually Impaired, Meredosia-Chambersburg CUSD #1, Salem Lutheran School, Trinity Lutheran School, Triopia CUSD #27, Virginia CUSD #64, and Waverly CUSD #6.



ROE #46 houses a resource library that circulates materials to all certified educators in the counties of Brown, Cass, Morgan, and Scott. The materials are available free of charge for periods ranging from two weeks to one month duration. The materials are for educator’s professional development and for supplemental classroom use.

The resource library categories are listed below with a sampling of titles from each category. Schools receive a published catalog and updates.