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We have restructured our truancy program in the hope of providing a more consistent method of dealing with truant students across our four county region, and to meet the new requirements of state law. 

The Truancy laws now require the Regional Office to send letters to each truant’s parent or guardian after the student’s 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th day of UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.  If the truant behavior continues, a representative of the Regional Office will then hold a hearing to decide on further actions to be taken.

Individual schools will need to fill out a Truant Data Sheet after the student’s third unexcused absence and fax the information to the appropriate contact number. A Follow-Up Data Sheet will need to be faxed after the sixth, and ninth days of absence.



Jacksonville, Waverly, and Franklin School Districts will make request for services Please phone 217-243-1804. ext: 3

A-C Central, Virginia, TriopiaMeredosia-Chambersburg, Bluffs, Brown County, Winchester, and Beardstown will make request for service and information to the Beardstown Regional Office of Education:  PH: 217-323-4711  FX: 217-323-4712

Truant Alternative Schools

ROE 46 offers the services of the Truant Alternative/Safe Schools within the region. There are two schools in Jacksonville, The Alternative Resource Center (ARC) and The Educational Support Program (ESP).   All the schools support students with truancy and behavior issues from schools throughout the region. Grade levels 6-12 are included in the programs.
For more information, contact the Regional Superintendent, Jeff Stephens   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Truant Data Sheets

Please note the following:  For your convenience there are 2 types of PDF forms.  The first is labeled "Form 1" while the second is labeled "Form 2".  The first PDF forms you must print and fill out.  The second type you can open, fill out, then print.  I recommend giving "2" a try to see if it will work with your copy of Acrobat Reader.  I have found these forms work fine on Acrobat Reader 6.0.  These PDF forms were created in Acrobat 7.0 Professional.   


Click for Form One and Form Two

(Jacksonville, Franklin, & Waverly)

Click for Form One and Form Two

(Beardstown, Meredosia, Triopia, Winchester, Bluffs, Brown County, A-C Central, & Virginia)

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