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Jacksonville School District #117

516 Jordan Street

Jacksonville, IL  62650

Phone:  217/243-9411                    Fax:  217/243-6844

Superintendent:                               Steve Ptacek    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

School Website                               www.jsd117.org

See school’s website for faculty and staff directory

Jacksonville High School

1211 North Diamond

Jacksonville, Illinois  62650

Phone:  217/243-4384                    Fax:  217/245-0445

Principal:                                           Mike McGiles

Website:                                             www.jhs.jsd117.org

Jonathan Turner Junior High School

664 South Lincoln Ave.

Jacksonville, IL  62650

Phone:  217/  243-3383                  Fax:  217/243-3459

Principal:                                           Beth Brockschmidt

Website:                                             www.turner.jsd117.org

Early Years Program

110 Walnt Court

Jacksonville, IL  62650

Principal:                                           Carey Weber

Phone:  217/243-7402                    Fax:  217/243-3155

Website:                                             www.earlyyears.jsd117.org

Eisenhower Elementary School

1901 West Lafayette Ave.

Jacksonville, Illinois  62650

Phone: 217/245-5107                     Fax:  217/243-2433

Principal:                                           Gary Barlow

Website:                                             www.eisenhower.jsd117.org

Lincoln Elementary School

320 West Independence Avenue

Jacksonville, IL  62650

Phone:  217/245-8720                    Fax:  217/243-3531

Principal:                                           Paul Monrad

Website:                                             www.lincoln.jsd117.org

Murrayville-Woodson Elementary School

307 Masters Street

Murrayville, IL  62668

Phone:  217/882-3121                    Fax:  217/882-2302

Principal:                                           Emily English

Website:                                             www.murrayville.jsd117.org

North Jacksonville Elementary School

1626 State Highway 78

Jacksonville, IL  62650

Phone:  217/245-4084                    Fax:  217/243-2818

Principal:                                           Lezlie Fuhr

Website:                                             www.north.jsd117.org


South Jacksonville Elementary School

1700 South West Street

Jacksonville, IL  62650

Phone:  217/245-5514                    Fax:  217/245-2804

Principal:                                           Kelly Zoellner

Website:                                             www.south.jsd117.org


Washington Elementary School

524 South Kosciusko Street

Jacksonville, IL  62650

Phone:  217/243-6711                    Fax:  217/243-3055

Principal:                                           Mary Camerer

Website:                                             www.washington.jsd117.org

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